13 Ways Art Club Can Help You

We run a number of mindful art groups, both on line and in person around Plymouth, in Devon UK. Our feedback form asks our participants, How do you feel that Mindful Art Club has helped you today? (e.g. Socially, emotionally, support, mental or physical health.) What have you enjoyed? Here are some of the responses.

It was a good session to do online with the family and have a calm hour where we could focus on a mini project and relax.
Really helped and found the session intriguing.
It was nice to attend mindful art club because of the social aspect. I found it helpful to take my attention away from my ‘to-do list.’
Nice to have the space to spend time playing about with pens, colour and art. – I never do this at home!
I enjoyed being part of a group. I enjoy the calming music. I like the building.
Helped me have breathing space and feel relaxed.
I liked the guided relaxation at the beginning of the session. I thought that the activities of were well designed so that we didn’t feel pressured, process was more important than product.
It’s refreshing being part of a group where we all share similar issues including the women who run the group.
I’ve enjoyed it socially being around ladies my own age, and it being a safe space to share my weekly struggles.
To socialise with other ladies. Enjoy the mindfulness
Support and mental health.
I feel more centred and calm. I’ve enjoyed socialising with new people. I love Emma’s mindfulness meditation.
Excellent. Much happier. It was nice to colour.

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