[Video] Art Club Creates Social Connections

Trainee counsellor, Susy Putnam, interviewed Emma and Peggy from Mindful Art Club, just days before the UK went into social distancing measures, because of the Corona Virus, in March 2020. Susy asked,

  • Why did you start mindful art club?
  • Do you have any stories that you could share about how it has benefited an individual?
  • Could you tell us why mindful art club, why not just an art club?
  • Can you just talk us through what a session would look like?
  • What is, ‘Taking your pen for a walk’?!

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Now Emma and I would love to hear from you. What would you like to see and do in an online mindful art session? Tell us in the comments below.

Emma and I really want to know your thoughts around this, so that we can continue to support people during this time of social isolation.

Sending you lovely thoughts and a virtual hug from us both.

Peggy and Emma.

Featured in Plymouth Chronicle

We are happy to be featured in The Plymouth Chronicle this month (March 2020). However, please note that our Monday venue has changed its name since this was published. ‘The Pig Bar and Grill’ is now called ‘Jack n Mols’.

The Plymouth Chronicle is delivered door to door, in four local areas, to 90,000 homes per month.

The article describes why we started Mindful Art Club, and also reports that we have received National Lottery funding to start an art group at The Harbour Drug and Alcohol Service.

Our unique combination of mindfulness and art promotes mental health and wellbeing. If you would like to offer a mindful art club to your clients or employees please get in touch with Peggy and Emma.

[Listen] Porter’s Playlist

This relaxed interview with Peggy and Emma is 52 minutes long because there is lots of chatting and a few tunes, so when you’ve got time, grab a coffee and some mindful colouring, get comfortable and have a listen.

  • What happens at Mindful Art Club?
  • Why do they do it?
  • How did Emma and Peggy meet?
  • Plus: World Exclusive – hear a song that Peggy has recorded, called Cardigan.

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[Listen] MAC on BBC Radio Devon

BBC Radio Devon Breakfast show host, Caroline Cook, asks:

  • How does a mindful art class differ from any other?
  • Why did you want to help recovering addicts and alcoholics?
  • Do you have to be good at drawing to join in?

At the moment we have three weekly classes in Plymouth.

(Edit: Since this interview was recorded The Pig Bar and Grill has changed it’s name to Jack n Mols, 133 Armada Way – Monday group.)

Not ready to come to a class in person? That’s OK. Grab some free mindful colouring pages here.

[Listen] Art Club on the Radio

It was great to get a mention on Ferndale Community Radio on Tuesday 28th February, thanks to Mike Porter. Find out:

When do we meet?

What do we do?

Do you need to be good at art?

Listen now:

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