Doodle Your Recovery

Do you manage a team?

Do you offer a support service?

Are you interested in reducing stress and boosting mental health?

You’re going to love our six-week course!

Doodle Your Recovery is a six-week mindful art course that boosts mental health and reduces social isolation or bonds existing teams together. The offer includes two trained mental health facilitators and all art materials. We have previously provided this course to organisations such as Devon Recovery Learning Community (NHS), Devon Mind, Positive People Pluss and The Sunflower Women’s Centre. It can be delivered online or in person.

If you’re interested, contact us today.

Course includes:

  • A chance to chat and share thoughts and feelings
  • Guided mindfulness
  • Mindful drawing exercises
  • Simple art activities
  • Facilitated by mental health professionals
1-PaisleyDiscover the benefits of mindful drawing.
Introduction to the mindful body scan.
Create an original work of art.
Develop your skills in the process of making a piece of art and self-expression.
2-Henna HandsKnow more about relaxation techniques.
Create an original piece of art.
3-Zen DoodlesLearn the three-minute breathing space relaxing technique, an easy, quick way of grounding yourself if your mind is racing.
Learn something about the ZentanglesĀ® drawing technique, and zen doodles.
Create a unique piece of art.
4-Gratitude TreesDiscover a new way of practising mindfulness.
Create an image to focus your mind on gratitude.
Create a unique piece of art.
5-Greeting CardsCreate an original greeting card for someone you know.
Learn how to make an envelope from things we have at home.
6-You Are An OeufPractice a different relaxation technique.
Create a simple mandala, using drawing as a practice to relieve stress and anxiety.

No talent? No experience? No problem!

Doodle Your Recovery is for fun and relaxation.

Contact us today to discuss whether this would be a good fit for your organisation.

Not sure yet? Consider a one-off sample session on Zoom or in person.

After the lockdown I felt very isolated and finding it difficult to relate to others. Coming to Mindful Art Club has helped me feel reconnected with others.

Course participant

I think for me it’s been about social engagement. I suffer with isolation and having something to go to on a Monday morning gives me something to get up for.

Course participant

It has been incredibly valuable to come together in a safe space of non-judgement, acceptance and creativity. A gentle and compassionate approach. It has helped me knowing that I have somewhere to be when I have been struggling with confidence and motivation.

Course participant