[Listen] Porter’s Playlist

Ferndale Community Radio

This relaxed interview with Peggy and Emma is 52 minutes long because there is lots of chatting and a few tunes, so when you’ve got time, grab a coffee and some mindful colouring, get comfortable and have a listen.

  • What happens at Mindful Art Club?
  • Why do they do it?
  • How did Emma and Peggy meet?
  • Plus: World Exclusive – hear a song that Peggy has recorded, called Cardigan.

Ferndale Community Radio is an online based community radio station operating out of the Ferndale Community Hub in Plymouth. They are on the air 24 hours a Day 7 days a week. Get the App for easier listening.

Mike Porter’s playlist is on every Tuesday from 3pm to 5pm and you can text song requests to Mike at 07451223412 (Free Text in the UK for use during the shows.)

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