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Would you like to try mindfulness in your workplace?

Want your staff to feel valued and listened to?

Want to increase staff productivity and reduce sick leave?

We offer groups on line, one-off sample sessions, and a six week staff wellbeing programme. We also offer an outdoor mindful art retreat as a staff away day.

On 12th May 2022, for Mental Health Awareness Week we hosted a zoom session for NHS staff from Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

I really enjoyed the session, and am feeling very relaxed and creative. I will definitely use this drawing technique in the future. I will also try to take more time out to try and relax, and release tension. Brilliant guidance.

Lisa, NHS staff, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

Mental health difficulties are the biggest cause of sickness absence in this country (Health and Sickness Executive, 2018). So poor mental health costs employers money. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems.  But major changes or challenges in life, such as bereavement, relationship problems, having a baby, debt or a workplace restructure may also affect mental health.

“The Mindful Art Club was a great session that I enjoyed participating in. The first five minutes of meditation and breathing exercises were great for me. I could feel all my worries and stresses leaving my body if only for those five minutes.”

Gary Furzeland from Clinical Engineering, and one of the hospital’s People Wellbeing Champions

Fantastic session thank you. Am feeling super chilled.

Jen, NHS staff, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

If you’d like to offer mindful art to your team contact us today!

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