We can bring Mindful Art Club to your treatment service, support service, workplace or residential home. Drop in to one of our existing classes to find out about this new way to manage anxiety and stress. We offer groups on line, one-off sample sessions, and an eight week staff wellbeing programme.

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Coronavirus Update

We are now offering free staff wellbeing sessions on Zoom, to other people working in wellbeing. In this way we can reach out to your service users, and offer mental health support and social connection in Plymouth.  Following the Coronavirus lockdown we currently offer mindfulness and art groups in Plymouth online, at The Sunflower Centre, and in a park, with social distancing.

Staff wellbeing session for Colebrook SW Support Services in Plymouth, Devon.

We started running a mindfulness art club at Harbour on February 14th 2020 on a Friday. We didn’t specifically choose a Friday but this seems to work well as it is a calming space just before the weekend. Attendance has been steady.  The simplicity of the sessions works well for this client group. Not needing to be able to sit and do a full meditation session or be any good at art.

The art offers an informal space to chat, get support and relax with no agenda or expectation. The combination of art and mindfulness helps clients to explore difficult emotions without realising they are doing it. It is a gentle way of accessing thoughts and feelings and learning to process them which is really important for drug and alcohol users and those in recovery. It is early days for this group at Harbour but I am hoping in the future to build on its success.

Jocella Peck, Harbour Drug and Alcohol Services, Plymouth
Staff wellbeing
Staff wellbeing session at Jobcentre Plus, Plymouth.