Wellbeing Course

Do you suffer from stress or worry?

Want to practice art for self-care?

Looking for a fun and easy way to learn mindfulness?

Train your brain to be here and now, with our 8-week Mindful Art Wellbeing Course.

The next course will be at a venue in Plymouth city centre. Places are limited so it will be first-come, first-served.

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Includes Qi Gong with Lee Squires!

Busy mind? Low energy? Struggling emotionally or physically? Qi Gong is an ancient form of Taoist yoga. It calms your mind, improves your health and stimulates energy flow. Balance your immune system and sleep better with this natural medicine. Qi Gong teacher Lee Squires will be joining Emma Sprawson to co-tutor this group.

Meeting genuine, non-judgemental and open people in a Covid-safe environment is a blessing! I feel less isolated and I am able to speak openly and have connections with others which is beneficial to my anxiety and depression. Mindful art is helping me live more in the moment, appreciate and have gratitude more, and try new things. Really enjoying the Mindful Art in 8 Weeks course. Really well put together and delivered.

Joanna, Plympton

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Learn creative mindfulness tools for self-care with Emma, Lee and Peggy.

A Typical Session

We start with a “check in” where each student can briefly share whether they’ve had a good week or a bad week, but there is no obligation to talk if you don’t want to. Lee Squires leads us in a gentle Qi Gong exercise. Then we practice a mindfulness technique, such as The Body Scan, mindful tasting, mindful listening or mindful drawing. We then do a simple art project that anyone can do, and there is an opportunity to chat. We finish the group with a “check out” sharing how we feel after experiencing some mindfulness and art.

Being part of “MAC” has had a really positive impact on my life which has been “stuck” for so long. It’s helping me manage my chronic pain better and breaking up my negative thoughts. Making new friends, and stepping outside my comfort zone isn’t easy for me, but I’m benefitting from being more open and sharing my thoughts and feelings.

Wellbeing Course Student

Our previous course sold out!

The ‘work’ we did with Emma and Peggy in the group gently helped us to listen to ourselves and each other.
On the surface the art projects are simple, and the mindfulness gentle….. but I allowed myself to let go of preconceptions and BE IN THE MOMENT within the group. I was amazed at how my child-like art work was just what I needed to get in touch with my inner healing me. The mindful training got me so interested, that I now start my day with mindful meditation.

Wellbeing Course Student

How is this course different to other mindfulness courses?

The focus of our work is social connection and support, and the art and mindfulness come second to that. Quiet reflection takes place during the guided mindfulness, but for the majority of the session participants will be encouraged to talk.

The course includes mindfulness practices and meditative art projects, in addition to social interaction and peer support. The essence of the programme is wellbeing through mindful art and social connection.

Course Content: Delivered weekly in two-hour sessions.
1. Mindful Drawing: The Key to Calm.
Understand what mindfulness is. Find out the main benefits of mindfulness. Discover the benefits of mindful drawing. Learn the mindful body scan. See how to create Zentangles®
2. The Surprising Power of Tasting the Moment.
Learn how to use all your senses to experience your food. Understand how mindfulness can improve your relationship with food. Reflect on how eating mindfully is different. Create a mindful eating collage.
3. How to be Your Own Rock, Without Getting Stressed.
Practice a simple technique to soothe the body’s stress response. Learn a tool to refocus your mind on the present moment. Create a painted stone for yourself, or someone else.
4. Learn the Art of Mindful Vision.
Learn to use mindful seeing to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings. Discover how to appreciate life more. Create a collage that inspires you to take action towards your goals.
5. How to Breathe Like a Tree, (Without Being a Hippy.)
Practice a mindful breathing exercise. Learn the benefits of gratitude. Create an image to remind you to practice mindful breathing.
6. How to Listen Intently, Like a Wise Old Sage.
Learn to listen mindfully. Discover the benefits of mindful listening. Create a mandala to relieve stress and anxiety.
7. How to be Kind to Yourself, Even if it Feels a Bit Awkward.
Improve your communication skills. Practice empathy and self-compassion. Create a reminder of the good things in your life.
8. How to Use Origami to Become a Zen Master.
Learn to practice observing your thoughts without judgement. Find out how to accept negative feelings without trying to control them. Use origami to develop patience, and enhance concentration.

As with most groups you get out as much as you put in… I have ‘worked hard’. I have listened and shared, and supported other members of the group. I am leaving with mindfulness a part of my daily life, and am more confident in trying new art practices. I also have a new set of friends.

Wellbeing Course Student

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Course Timings: Monday evenings 7pm until 9pm.

Course Bonuses

  • Guided mindfulness recordings
  • Mindful Art Reading List

Special Price: Only £15 per session.

Course price includes printed handouts and all art materials.


If the course needs to be postponed due to changing government guidelines there will be the option to have your course fees refunded, or attend the course on the new rescheduled dates.

What if I Miss a Session?

We sincerely hope you can attend all sessions so that you can get the most value out of the experience, but if you cannot attend, due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be provided with the missed course handouts at the next session.

Your Tutors

In this course we have managed to combine Emma’s years of experience as a mindfulness and art teacher, and Lee’s training in Qi Gong and counselling skills, to create an enjoyable, transformative course in a really supportive environment.

All art materials and refreshments included.

Only £15 per session!

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We hope you can join us.

Lee and Emma.

PS. Act now! This course may never be such a low price again! 

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