In these uncertain times…

We are asking for help, so that we can continue to support our community through this time of social isolation.

Before the pandemic we ran three weekly Mindful Art Clubs in the community around Plymouth, UK, which cost £5.00 per person, to attend. We then offered a mix of online events, and socially distanced events (when permitted), with an option to donate if you want to, and if you can afford to.

The UK government viewed us (Emma and Peggy) as “recently self-employed,” so we were not eligible for any financial help for the self-employed (announced 26th March 2020). We had only been officially trading for six weeks, when social distancing measures forced us to stop hosting our art groups in the community. As well as running these groups, we work many hours a week on our marketing, online presence, funding applications, and networking with organisations who serve vulnerable members of our community. We continued to do this work from home. 

Mindful Art Club is a small community group, which we set up to support adults towards emotional, social, physical and mental health and wellbeing using a combination of mindfulness and art. Being a community group allows us to raise funds, receive grants and donations, and pay ourselves to provide services to the organisation.

When the UK was in lockdown we continued to support anyone who felt socially isolated, by providing online Mindful Art Groups as Facebook live-stream events, or Zoom meetings. We are also single parents with children at home, doing distance learning, and have the usual ongoing financial expenses.

If you enjoy Mindful Art Club and can afford to do so, please consider making a donation to this personal fundraiser. This will help us to continue to support health and wellbeing using mindfulness and art, and to combat social isolation while many of our usual group members are at home, alone, due to health issues. We have continued our small venture throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, and plan to return to support our local community when it is safe to do so.

We will be immensely grateful for any donation, no matter how big or small.

Thank you.

Peggy Melmoth and Emma Sprawson