‘Art could help save the NHS millions…’

A woman who helped establish The Mindful Art Club in Plymouth has called for more research into what helps or at least can control the nation’s mental health struggles.

reports Nino Robertson for ‘Plymouth Live’ (The Herald).

We were delighted to welcome Nino to our group recently, who joined us for a mindful art session at Moments Café, with the Mayor and Consort.

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Nino wrote this great article for Plymouth Live which describes what we do and why we do it.

Read: ‘Art could help save the NHS millions’ as club set up in Plymouth.

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Providing a Lifeline to Those in Need

Mindful Art Club has provided a lifeline to people across Plymouth facing mental health challenges – and now our group is back operating in the community.

For Mental Health Awareness Week Plymouth Live has published a feature article explaining that we were gutted when a drug and alcohol rehab centre announced its shock closure two years ago.

“Having worked at Broadreach House for several years, (Emma and Peggy) had been able to support people from all walks of life and had seen first-hand how beneficial different creative activities could be for people struggling with their mental health and other issues.

Wanting to continue to serve the community and support people facing challenges in their lives, the colleagues teamed up to launch a “mindfulness art club” to support people manage their anxiety, stress and other mental health issues in a relaxed and safe creative environment.

The club became particularly popular at the start of 2020 and soon became a lifeline for members, with many people relishing the opportunity to connect with others in a non-judgemental environment while being able to talk freely about how they’re feeling and any stresses or anxieties in their lives.”

Read the full article on Plymouth Live, The Plymouth Herald website.